Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Which Retirement Plans Will Fit Your Goals?

It used to be many years ago that retirement plans meant getting the pension your company gave you along with your social security payments from the government and any savings you have on your own, and living comfortably in a downsized apartment throughout your golden years. For some this type of financial plan is sufficient for their needs; they may have a well-funded pension from a corporation that will provide well for them. But for most, you will need to make your own retirement plans when it comes to your financial health in order keep yourself afloat financially, and to make those dreams you've had for retirement a reality. It's of course easy to get overwhelmed with the many options that are available to you when it comes to financial retirement plans, and you should speak to a financial advisor or counselor when making these decisions if you still have questions, but we can give you some general information that will explain some of the details a bit more clearly.
Defined Benefit Retirement Plans
Defined benefit retirement plans as provided by employers guarantee a certain payout upon your retirement, which depends on the retiree's previous salary and the number of years he or she has been contributing to this plan. These may be referred to as funded meaning that there are contributions from one's employer and sometimes from the plan members. In unfunded retirement plans, there are no funds set aside but the benefits are paid out of current taxes and social security contributions.

No one can tell you what the best choice is for you; even your financial advisor can only give you all the relevant information on how the different retirement plans affect your money and its potential growth. It's up to you to decide which option you're more comfortable with. Some people want to make their own decisions about where their money is invested and some would rather leave the decisions to others; some would prefer to pay the taxes on their contributions now while others would prefer to wait until the funds are disbursed. You need to educate yourself thoroughly and then make the decision that works best for you.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Make Your Age Work for Your Stay-at-Home Business

At some point, every new entrepreneur finds herself pausing for one split second to ask: Am I capable of doing this?
Eliminate the negative thoughts and tackle this self-limiting behavior head-on when you turn your obstacles and worries into your strengths. Don't avoid your nagging worries; answer them and solve your possible problems before they start to really bother you.
How old are you? Have you worried that your age might be a factor in your business success? Some stay-at-home moms are young, while others have already had a full career elsewhere. You can start your home-based business at any age, which is one of its biggest attractions. Now that you've started your business, however, you might worry that you are too young or too old for the venture.
Stop your self-limiting thoughts! All you need for success with your new stay-at-home business is determination, industry intelligence, energy and a touch of drive. Age doesn't play a factor, but life experience certainly will. Think about your strengths. What have you learned over the years that you can apply to your new business? From social skills to financial organization, time management and more, you can find an array of strengths you have gained over the years. There is nothing you can't do. While you might have worried that you were too young or too old to successfully handle your at-home business, you have no reason to fret. Use your age to your advantage and reduce the self-limiting behavior at the start!
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April Coggins is an entrepreneur coach for stay at home moms. She teaches moms how to turn their passion into profits in record time.
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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mom Entrepreneur

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How to Fire your Boss

I recently had the opportunity to partner with a company that has turned the travel world upside down. I have tried many network marketing home business’ before only to left unfulfilled. I have found a place where all my training is free but the support team is unmatched anywhere.

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Shirley Cook


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Living the Life of my Dreams

Doesn't this look like fun?
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Have you ever dreamed of getting paid to be on vacation?
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White Sand
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