Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ebay/PayPal. Unhappy Customer

Ebay and PayPal

I recently ordered items from Ebay and have had a very bad experience. I normally don't order anything from outside the continental US as I have always been cautious about the shipping, condition of the product ect.

I ordered some Network Marketing Video. I failed to take the extra step and make sure that the seller was in the US. This is not an excuse but I was in a hurry.

Lesson # 1 slow down. Take the extra time to make sure that your getting what you want before clicking the submit button. I didn't and here is what happened.

I placed the order on April 7, 2008. My item wasn't shipped to me until I filed a claim with PayPal for non receipt of the item. During this time the only response I ever received from the seller where emails asking not to leave negative feedback. This made me very suspicious.

On May 9, 2008 one broken DVD arrived. The seller hadn't even so much as used a padded envelope to send it in. The order consisted of 14 DVD's. Not just one.

I proceeded to open a claim with PayPal for non receipt of full order and damaged product. This dispute was opened on June 2, 2008. This is how long it took the seller to respond to the emails that PayPal was sending him.

Now you would think that given just that information alone PayPal would be on the side of the buyer. But no. PayPal is requiring that I send back the broken product to the seller, which would not be a problem normally, however they require a tracking number. Well to ship the item back to Maylasia with a tracking number requires that it be sent certified.

Now to ship it back via regular mail the cost is $1.69. Now you add certification and the cost is $12.79. I only paid $14.72 for the entire order and I will not be reimbursed the cost of return shipping.

Now lets see......I never took modern math but even without that it appears to me that I am paying double for something that should have only required one shipping cost.

I am also a seller on Ebay and when one on my customers had a problem with the item the bought I reimbursed them completely. Shipping included even though I state in the description that shipping is non refundable. I only expect this from other sellers on Ebay.

I have submitted a complaint with PayPal and explained how I think this should be resolved. I will be glad to ship it back to him without a tracking number.

This is why I don't buy outside the continental US. I sell power tool batteries also and have shipped outside the US myself without a problem. If PayPal chooses not to support me on this I will definitely be looking for another merchant gateway for all my transactions.


pizzatherapy said...

I've also had a negatve experience with buying an ebay product.

I filed a complaint with Paypal, the seller closed his Paypal account and I never got a refund.

The large majority of ebay tranactions have been positive.

It's the cost of doing business, I think. Feedback is a powerful tool. So at least you can get satisfaction that way.

How were the other DVD's.
did they teach you anything? Did it help your business? If you learned $40 worth of information, that may be a fair return on your investment.

Stay well.
albert grande
Internet Marketing, Pizza and Rock and Roll

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