Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Excitement on The Home Front

I am so excited to share the wonderful events in my life. I am still in shock !!!

I received second place honors in the NetTrav Travelers Lounge contest. All I had to do to win this great contest was talk about my adventures. WOW !!

That was so easy. I love to travel and talk about all the great places and wonderful people that I meet while on vacation. Let me rephrase that PAYCATION !!!

Platinum One Destinations (in my humble opinion) is the #1 home based business opportunity. Where else can you travel first class for coach prices and earn money while doing it?

Don't forget to check back on a regular basis so that you don't miss my updates from my newest adventure. Remember that the view from the top is breathtaking.

Stop wishing you could do and "JUST DO IT."

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ebay/PayPal. Unhappy Customer

Ebay and PayPal

I recently ordered items from Ebay and have had a very bad experience. I normally don't order anything from outside the continental US as I have always been cautious about the shipping, condition of the product ect.

I ordered some Network Marketing Video. I failed to take the extra step and make sure that the seller was in the US. This is not an excuse but I was in a hurry.

Lesson # 1 slow down. Take the extra time to make sure that your getting what you want before clicking the submit button. I didn't and here is what happened.

I placed the order on April 7, 2008. My item wasn't shipped to me until I filed a claim with PayPal for non receipt of the item. During this time the only response I ever received from the seller where emails asking not to leave negative feedback. This made me very suspicious.

On May 9, 2008 one broken DVD arrived. The seller hadn't even so much as used a padded envelope to send it in. The order consisted of 14 DVD's. Not just one.

I proceeded to open a claim with PayPal for non receipt of full order and damaged product. This dispute was opened on June 2, 2008. This is how long it took the seller to respond to the emails that PayPal was sending him.

Now you would think that given just that information alone PayPal would be on the side of the buyer. But no. PayPal is requiring that I send back the broken product to the seller, which would not be a problem normally, however they require a tracking number. Well to ship the item back to Maylasia with a tracking number requires that it be sent certified.

Now to ship it back via regular mail the cost is $1.69. Now you add certification and the cost is $12.79. I only paid $14.72 for the entire order and I will not be reimbursed the cost of return shipping.

Now lets see......I never took modern math but even without that it appears to me that I am paying double for something that should have only required one shipping cost.

I am also a seller on Ebay and when one on my customers had a problem with the item the bought I reimbursed them completely. Shipping included even though I state in the description that shipping is non refundable. I only expect this from other sellers on Ebay.

I have submitted a complaint with PayPal and explained how I think this should be resolved. I will be glad to ship it back to him without a tracking number.

This is why I don't buy outside the continental US. I sell power tool batteries also and have shipped outside the US myself without a problem. If PayPal chooses not to support me on this I will definitely be looking for another merchant gateway for all my transactions.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baby Chicks

We live on 16 acres in the Ozarks. Here on the farm we are blessed to have the opportunity to have a few animals. We have 3 Missouri Fox Trotter horses, 2 cats and a dog.

We had 4 hens and 1 rooster when the month of May began. We have other visitors that seem to wander in whenever they get hungry. One of them is a raccoon.

Well he managed to have 2 meals here. One of his meals was our black hen and the next night it was our rooster. The raccoon is very slick and seems to know how to avoid the trap.

We were left with 3 hens. 2 of them were setting on eggs. Well the eggs have now hatched. The white hen started out with 18 chicks. We moved them into a large tractor tire with wire over it to keep them safe from varmints.

We had no idea that the white hen, a new mother, this being her first clutch would decide to abandon some of them. We went to check on them in the morning and to our horror there were 8 dead chicks.

We knew that no varmint had been in there and the evidence showed us what had happened. She didn't want the dark colored chicks. The scene may have been different had the red hen been done hatching hers.

The red hen, an experienced mother, hatched out five more eggs. We have now moved both families into the horse stall and they all seem to be thriving.

We will wait 1 week to give the little ones a chance to grow stronger before we let them out to roam during the day.

Just another day on the farm.

Monday, May 26, 2008

I Love The Freedom

We recently returned from our cruise to the Mexican Riviera and have been reliving the wonderful memories of it.

This set into motion another great whirl of ideas. John and I have had a goal to live life unobstructed by normal limitations and boundaries. We are working our internet business and cutting our ties to the land. Our goal is to live the kind of live that most people only have the opportunity to dream about.

When I came across this article by Louise Woodcock it was as if I had written it myself. It is a great article. For just a moment allow yourself to daydream. Remember how much fun this is. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in your RV.

You just opened your eyes for the day. No rude alarm clock jarring you into reality but just the sweet awakening that comes when you are free to wake at your leisure. Look out your bedroom window and what do you see? The beauty of the ocean or mountains? Your eyes can't get enough of the wonders outside your window. You Thank God for the scene before you.

Next take a long deep breath. Smell the tang of salt from the ocean or the deep pungent scent of pines? Next your ears have the pleasure of hearing the rolling ocean, the song of sea gulls preparing for breakfast or the light and airy sound of Blue Jays.

Now you can also have this life thanks to the Power Of The Internet.

I Love My RV! I Love The Freedom And I Love The Wide Open Spaces! Do You?

I love those wide open spaces. The feeling of timelessness! The freedom of wearing what I want, sleeping where I want, setting off when I want to, wherever! The random order contrasted with the former settled chaos of my old normal office job lifestyle!

Could you enjoy a traveling lifestyle? You do not need to have a fortune in the bank. Nowadays the internet and wireless networking allows you to work as you travel. You can buy things at shops, warehouses, garage sales as you go along, and resell them on internet auctions at your leisure. You can write articles for profit. You can promote affiliate products. You can offer your former skills as freelance or consultancy work. You can run an online bookstore or dropshipping business. You need carry no stock.

You could take great sunset photographs and sell framed prints online. You could paint and sell the finished painting or even sell limited editions online. You can have your art and pictures created as merchandise while you wait! You can take people and pet portraits and sell those. You can take property pictures for real estate agents. Sell your RV story to a local newspaper! Write a blog about your experiences as you travel from your old world to your new and sell some affiliate products or site memberships from your blog. Have an opt in subscriber list and promote to them regularly.

I love the long lazy day awaking early in my camper van and grilling bacon and drinking cafeteire coffee at my leisure! I love knowing that no one is going to shout at me or give me grief or boss me around today! I love visiting new places, meeting new people, seeing the sun set in all its glory!

I feel at one with nature, I eat what I like, I enjoy local colour. I play on my guitar and sing along. I lead a carefree life, me and my RV! Say, come and join us on the road, and leave your cares at home alone!

Louise Woodcock Piano Teacher, Success Motivator and Internet Business Strategist. You can discover more about me at
Please feel free to use this article however you wish! God bless! ;)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our Last Stop - Cabo San Lucas

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Cabo San Lucas

Wow! What a beautiful place. From the moment we arrived, the bay, the mountains, the beach, the people left you feeling inspired.
At this stop there is no pier. We drop anchor in the bay and a tender takes you ashore. This is the first time we had done anything like this. It was great. My mother stayed on board as she didn't want to take a tender ashore. She has always been afraid of water so just getting her on this cruise was quite an accomplishment. She is now hooked for life on cruising.
When we arrived at the pier we just started walking. Our eyes were so busy taking in all the wonderful boats that were docked here that we didn't even realize how far we had walked. We saw boats from all over the US. There were boats there from Miami. Some of them were just breathtakingly beautiful.
We ended up downtown looking for some of the shops that are listed on our map. We went into a jewelry shop that had a large display of Mexican Fire Opals. These opals have so much color and light. I would love to own a set of these pieces. We left there and walked further down the street into many different shops. These vendors sold hand crafted items. The clothing was all hand embroidered. Very beautiful designs and artistry.

We found a small information booth on the corner of two busy streets and stopped to ask about the location of another shop we were looking for, the lady explained where it was and started telling us about Mercado Beach. It is the main beach. She was explaining about her time share opportunity. We declined. She was then telling us about a way to get around in the city. It is by bike taxi. A cart is placed behind a bicycle and someone pedals the bike. It was a great way to get to the beach. Along the way we saw an ATV rental place. They offered a variety of options to rent. Scooters, ATVs , Mules and Jeeps. This is something we want to do on our next visit to get out of the main area and see some of old Cabo. We walked out to the beach and started south. Along the way we found a number of different types of beach activities. Wave runners, kayaks, banana boats, small catamarans, para sailing and of course more water taxis. We walked on the beach for 30 - 45 minutes enjoying the beauty of the area.
When we returned to the main part of the beach area we found an outdoor cantina. We settled down under an umbrella with some other cruise guests. Such a beautiful place to rest. We talked and laughed. The cantina brought beer in a bucket with ice. It was so good and cold. We finally had to say goodbye to Cabo. It was time to board a water taxi and return to the pier to board our tender back to the ship.
If you have never visited this place of great sites and people, you really need to put it on the top of your list to do.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mazatlan Mexico visit

Visiting Mazatlan

We entered the port on Thursday morning. I was totally in love with the landscape. We were looking at the side of the mountain and noticed what we thought were cars. After further research we found that the moving objects were people climbing to the top of the mountain. There is a lighthouse at the top. Later in the day our tour guide explained that these people walk to the top of the mountain everyday to work at the lighthouse. This lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in North America. Their commute is about 2 miles one way. Our guide said it took them about 4 hours to walk it each day. You would stay in great health with a hike like that everyday.

We continued into the bay, fishing boats were going out to sea as we were coming in. The dock was a commercial one. It was not what I was expecting. I saw military men all around all the warehouses. It was an uneasy feeling. I just didn't expect to see men with guns on the pier. Nowhere in the information did we read that this was a possibility. It was a shock to my vacation senses. Once we left the ship we were put onto trams and transported into a market area that was still behind walls with a guarded gate leaving the port area. I don't know if you were allowed to leave that area on foot. It is not something that I expected at all.

We were on a tour bus with 4 other ladies who were part of the Richard Simmons Group. They were so much fun. We stopped at the Cathedral. It was beautiful. This Cathedral was built in 1820's. It was awe inspiring. Then we went shopping for a short time. We only had about 30 minutes as the ladies in our group had to be at Senor Frogs to meet Richard. We were able to watch a cliff diver. I was disappointed by that. You see the ones in the commercials and this isn't like that at all. Then we dropped off the ladies and we were taken to a local cafe for lunch. It was amazing. The local atmosphere is the best. We were right on the beach watching as children played in the water. You could see the true beauty of the area and the people.

We arrived back at the pier and did some shopping there. We were sitting in the outdoor area enjoying the day. We finally made our way back to the ship. Exhausted but fulfilled. We had forgotten about the shock we had first encountered upon arrival. It is a city that has a lot of culture and well worth the visit again.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cruisin' the Mexican Riviera

We have returned home.

The Mexican Riviera was wonderful. On Saturday April 26th we flew into LAX. Stayed overnight at the Quality Inn in Long Beach. Met our youngest son David and his family the next morning in line to board the ship. We cruised with Carnival on board the Pride. Gorgeous ship. Great crew. Spoiled us all rotten. Food, more food and fun. The kids had a wonderful time. They're favorite sport was flying down the water slide.

The first stop was on Wednesday April 30. We were in Puerto Vallarta from 8 am until 10 pm. We all went on an excursion of the jungle. It took us up into the mountains to an old town called Mismyola. Here we stopped at a local place where we were able to swim in the pools formed by the river. John, David, Julie and the kids went on a guided hike into the jungle. Mom and I stayed behind at the small restaurant. We watched as some men put a new roof made of palm leaves onto one of the sections. It was very interesting to watch them work. The beams consist of re bar placed horizontally over the top of large poles that looked like bamboo. The palms were stripped down about half way, then the next two sets of leaves were loosened and then threaded through the re bar and twisted together to create a knot. The roof section being done was about 10' x 10'. It will take 2 men 2 days to complete. The palms were left in the river to stay flexible until needed. This was very interesting.

When the hikers all returned we had lunch. When we had first arrived the owner of the cafe came out to the patio with a tray. On this tray he had an assortment of food that would be prepared for you. He had red fish, prawns, crab, lobster, chicken breast filet and kabobs. The kabobs were made of either chicken, beef, shrimp or a combo. We ordered the combo platter. It had all of the seafood items on it. It was great. The food was all prepared on a BBQ grill as there is no electric here. We were then treated to a free shot of tequila. We were given a black mustache and a Mexican sombrero to wear. David was the first one to go, he took the first shot and as he was bringing his head down the waiter took off the hat and below that was a smaller hat. He then had to have another shot to have the smaller sombrero removed. It was great.

John and I followed after David. Then we had to get back on the bus for the next stop in the tour. We went down to the Tequila Factory. We were shown how the agave plant was still hand processed. It was very interesting. We were then treated to more samples. There were 5 different types. This brand is only sold in Mexico. We brought home a bottle of the Mango flavored. I really liked the coffee flavored one. Julie bought a bottle of that flavor.

We were then taken to a vista point for pictures. I was breath taking. Along the way there were vendor stands with clothes, shoes, jewelry and leather goods. All hand made and beautiful.

We saw the spot where the original movie Night of the Iguana was filmed. Steven Spielberg's home. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor have homes here also.

We finished out our day with shopping. By 6 pm we were back on board and exhausted. We had alot of new treasures to bring home.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How to Thrive Through This Recession, Jack Canfield Style

We're hearing a lot about the economy lately. In fact, just this week, Alan Greenspan actually said "the r word" by announcing that the United States is in a recession. Our last recession, from 2001-2003, was due to the collapse of the dot-com bubble, the September 11th attacks, and accounting scandals such as Enron. There were also recessions in the early 1990s and early 1980s.

In fact, for the last 30 years, the U.S. has gone through a recession once every decade. There's no indication that this will change in the future. Burying your head in the sand will certainly spell disaster for your business. Gritting your teeth to weather the storm will only increase your blood pressure and keep you up at night.

The good news is that a recession is not a depression. It's unlikely that we will ever go through something like the Great Depression again. However, it's quite possible that this will not be our last recession. To be successful, you need to become informed about what a recession is and what steps you can take to thrive in the midst of one.

What is a Recession, and What Can You Do about it?

A recession is a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced. It is identified by a decline in a country's gross domestic product (GDP), or negative economic growth, for two or more successive quarters. In short, a recession means a steady, prolonged decline in sales.

As a small business owner, you've experienced a decline in sales before. It's a normal part of any sales cycle. Question is: When you've had a drop in sales in the past, what did you do? Did you just wait, hoping for things to get better? Or, did you take decisive action to nip things in the bud and turn things around? If you are a successful small business owner ' someone intent on creating a constant and steadily increasing cash flow ' then you know the importance of taking informed, resolute action.

Jack Canfield, too, knows about decisive action. He's famous for his rags-to-riches story of how he committed to contacting five people a day to promote his book, Chicken Soup for the Soul. The key to his success was his commitment to action. Not just any old action, mind you. Aligned, well-thought-out, purposeful action. Jack knew he had a monumental task in front of him: promoting an unknown book by an unknown author. Each day he took action to increase name recognition, forge connections, and build sales.

Five Simple Steps for Thriving through a Recession, Jack Canfield Style

1. Get back to basics

Recessions are good for all things that begin with "re." Re-group, re-organize, re-view. Revisit the fundamentals that have already made your business a success. Revise your mission statement to stand for what your business is really all about. Reject rejection. Practice Jack's "Rule of Five": Every day, do five things that will move you toward your goal.

2. Clean up your act

Recessions are a great time, Jack advises, to clean up your messes. Now, when sales are slow, finish anything that is incomplete. De-clutter your office and organize your files. Make phone calls to bridge any disconnects that may have occurred between you and your customers. Magnify your success energy by focusing on what you want to happen, not what you are experiencing.

3. Focus on your connections and relationships

Recessions are the perfect time to forge new connections and strengthen long-standing relationships. Practice uncommon appreciation. Review your agreements with clients and confirm your commitment to them. Speak first and with integrity. Be impeccable in your communication. Meet for breakfast instead of over the phone. Supplement emails with handwritten cards and notes.

4. Be smart with your money

Recessions are the natural time for small business owners to review their financials. Take a look at your cash flow. Collect on any outstanding accounts. Don't fall into lackful thinking by clutching and holding onto your money. Spend wisely. Make sure your bills are paid. Above all else, give more. Keep your energy flowing by finding a way to serve others.

5. Step back

Recessions are the ideal time to practice stepping back in order to keep things in perspective. Instead of energetically aligning with all the fears, doubts, and anxieties associated with a recession, step back and move to higher ground. Don't get caught up in others' panic. Soar above it all to a place where clarity can be gained and perspective maintained. While you're at it, take others with you. As Jack says, "When you lift up others, they will lift up you."

No one likes feeling uncertain about the future. Yet nothing is ever certain, whether or not we're in a recession! By taking decisive action now, you can positively influence your future. When this recession ends, don't let your company be one that just managed to survive. Practice Jack's Rule of Five and thrive.

Business Coach & Consultant for entrepreneurial women starting up small businesses, Dr. Susan L Reid is the author of "Discovering Your Inner Samurai: The Entrepreneurial Woman's Journey to Business Success." For ideas, tips, and support for your business journey, sign up here for our free e-Zine.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Are You Getting Cheap Airline Tickets?

Nobody wants to pay a small fortune for an airline ticket these days. If you take a look around you will see that everywhere that you look there is some kind of an advertisement for cheap airline tickets especially on the internet but they are also billboard signs, TV and else where as well.

Now who wants to pay the full price for an airplane ticket when you can get pretty much the same ticket somewhere else for about half of the original price.

If you did not already know it by now, Airline ticket sales has become a huge business in it self, It is not like it use to be where you had to see a travel agent to get a good deal on you travel tickets today you have more options.

When using a travel agent you can get some really good deals but you need to keep in mind that the agents are in business to make money that is what they are in business for, Even though they get you a good deal they get their cut as well.

With internet access these days it is a whole lot easier to do a search to find the best ticket deals, One of the first stops that most people make when doing a search is a fare comparison site, What these sites do is check the prices of many different carriers that offer the flight that you are looking for.

You will have a lot more options if you plan your travel from one big city to another big city compared to the small airports that don't get much traffic.

If your schedule is a little flexible then you may be able to save a lot more money on your flight by changing your departure or arrival dates by a day or so and see if that makes any difference in the price of your trip.

Another Place that you can sometimes find a cheap airline ticket is on an auction site, Yes thats right, sometimes people buy a ticket and for what ever reason they are not able to use the ticket and can not get a refund so in order for them not to take a total loss they will sale it for what they can get out of it.

How ever you find your tickets take a little time to look around there are cheap airline tickets out there just waiting for you.

Author Ronnie Wilson - You can find out about super cheap airplane tickets here Super Cheap Airplane Tickets

Monday, April 14, 2008

High Seas Spa - Cruise Lines Provide Rest and Wellness to Passengers

Cruise ships are the ideal way to escape the every day and head, perhaps, for warmer climates, fun and relaxation, and some time to yourself. Cruising is also a great time to invest in your well being with a visit to the onship day spa. There's no reason to leave behind the services you may have come to enjoy at your local spa. Cruise ship day spas offer guests everything from massages and aromatherapy wraps to steam rooms and full gym services.

Is it possible with all the delicious cruise food to stay healthy while cruising? Carnival Cruises thinks so. Guests stay in shape with Spa Carnival's state-of-the-art exercise equipment, jogging track and aerobics classes. Each ship's spa features a staff of knowledgeable fitness experts ready to assist passengers. Spa Carnival also features a variety of beauty treatments that will have you looking and feeling your best. Services for men and women include facials, loofah treatments, manicures, pedicures, and hairstyling.

Passengers aboard Celebrity Cruises are transported to a whole new world with spa treatments inspired by rituals from exotic cultures in the world-famous AquaSpa by Elemis. The largest, most luxurious spa afloat offers an array of treatments designed to take guests to a higher level of relaxation. In addition to deluxe manicures, mineral essential facials, and aromatherapy massage, you may also pamper yourself with a hydrotherapy spa bath, herbal steam bath in the Etruscan Chamber, or Elemis Synergistic Therapy, which combines reflexology, Shiatsu, and pressure-point massage. Or splurge for the Sensory Heaven treatments, offered exclusively on Celebrity Cruises.

Introducing a new generation to the world of spa-ing, Royal Caribbean features GenerationYSPA, a program specializing in services and treatments for teens ages 13 to 17. For instance, spa services include Acne Attack, an oxygen facial for problem skin, or Fabulous Fruity Facial, a massage for the face utilizing a moisturizing, organic mixture of fresh fruits. The girls take a break together to enjoy the side-by-side Mother and Daughter Paradise Massage, or smarten up the tootsies with a Sole Mate pedicure. Boot camp fitness classes get the blood pumping to prime tweens and teens for adventure.

Norwegian Cruise Lines operates with a fleetwide agreement with Mandara Spa, a leading operator of exotic resort spas in the world. Spa treatments reflect the beauty, spirit and traditions of Bali. Services include the Hawaiian Majesty, Bali-Press, and Four Hand massages. Exquisite treatments like the Oxygen Lifting or Japanese Silk Booster Facials nurture guests inside and out. For an evening out, guests may finish out their visit with an up-do or manicure.

Featuring heavenly beauty and wellness rituals, the Greenhouse Spa & Salon on Holland America Cruise Lines offers breathtaking views for guests as they enjoy exotic skin, body, and hair treatments ranging from hot stone massages and pedicures to hair styling and facials. Facilities include a heated ceramic lounge reminiscent of an opulent Turkish bath, therapy rooms inspired by an exotic blend of cultures, or a hydrotherapy pool bubbling with warm sea water. Whatever the service, passengers enjoy the indulgences that are a signature feature of Holland America Line cruises.

While a Disney cruise may be more about the kids than you, there's still time to some personal pampering at a Vista Spa & Salon. For example, couples may share a rejuvenating spa experience onboard the Disney Magic or Disney Wonder with a Vista Spa Villas Treatment. Upon arrival, couples receive a soothing foot cleansing on a private outdoor verandah. Couples then relax in a bubbling hot tub amidst the incredible ocean vistas and warm tropical breezes from this perfect perch. Following a massage or other treatment of your choice, the experience culminates with a traditional tea ceremony. Other spa treatments include an Elemis Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap, Exotic Hand Ritual with Manicure, or Marine Facial, to name a few.

Geologix Inc. manufactures products using a proprietary formula featuring 34 natural minerals contained in the ancient sea water from the famous Michigan Basin -- a concentration of minerals higher than that found in any known body of water in the world. Mineral Essentials focuses on spa, skin care, and massage products to moisturize and provide anti-aging protection for great skin. Visit us at and

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Searching For the Millionaire Mentality

What is the millionaire mentality? Does it even exist? How I can I acquire this winning formula? I have read so many articles from many different budding entrepreneurs, who are offering to help those on the quest to find the millionaire mentality. One thing that they all seem to have in common is that none of them are actually millionaires themselves!

Those budding entrepreneurs are willing to share the secret of how they have achieved the millionaire mentality. Some may question whether we are wasting our time and efforts learning from people that are not even millionaires! The other side of the coin is that some of them will go on and become millionaires, others may give everything they have to achieving success and still fail and some are plain dillusionists.

I'm willing to learn from anybody that offers good advice no matter where they are on the path to financial freedom. You don't have to be a millionaire to have the millionaire mentality. Richard Branson, Alan Sugar, Donald Trump etc all had the winning mentality long before they had two pennies to rub together. The pattern is clear you must have the mentality before you become a millionaire or the likelihood of you achieving it will be very slim.

On my own personal journey to make my 2 million dollars I aim to work on every aspect of self improvement and motivation in order to program myself for success. I suppose I feel that I need to think and train almost like a successful athlete in order to condition my mind, body and soul for success.

So back to my original question, the millionaire mentality, is it something that someone can teach me? Or is it something I need to develop from within myself? It is clearly both! Its pretty easy to do some research and read about what the millionaire mentality is, but you then need to start making it work, you have to believe it, not just talk the talk for talks sake.

J Paul Getty {everyone has heard of him, if you haven't, use Google!} In his book, "How To BE Rich" he talks about the millionaire mentality and this is what he says,

"Like it or not, there is a thing that can be called The Millionaire Mentality. There is a frame of mind, which puts an individual a long way ahead on the road to success. In, short, The Millionaire Mentality is one, which is always and above all cost-conscious and profit minded. It is most likely to be found among me in the first two categories I have cited."

Another interesting point that J Paul Getty makes is as follows,

"In my opinion, its more important for the man with The Millionaire Mentality to be able to think small than to think big - in the sense that he gives meticulous attention to even the smallest details and misses no opportunity to reduce costs in his own or his employers business"

I think J Paul Perfectly summaries the mental attitude of those that are seeking much more that a life of a wage slave. He basically says that those with the millionaire mentality are the types of people who work best when they are working for themselves. They don't want to be employed by anyone, and want complete independence. They don't care for the security that they get from a salaried job. Instead, they want to create their own security on their own, and keep their own future in their own hands. In short they want to be their own bosses, and take the responsibilities and risks, which is associated with this.

It seems that it is up to us as individuals to develop and create the illusive MILLIONARE MENTALITY. It isn't something that is easy or natural for most people to achieve, but I think everyone has the potential if they are prepared to work at it. I suppose if it were easy, everyone would be a millionaire.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Taking The Family On Holidays

Avid travelers are full of wanderlust and refuse to give up their love for exploring the world, even when busy raising a family. And why should they? Traveling with children can be a joy and taking the family on holidays near and far can produce a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

It's true, however, that enjoying a vacation with kids is a bit different than an all-adult excursion. That's not necessarily a bad thing! Traveling with children requires a bit more thought and you may be slightly restricted as to your choice of destination. But all the other perks of introducing your children to different world cultures far outweigh the sacrifices you may need to make until they grow up and you can venture off on your own once again.

Finding the Best Fit for Your Family

Where you choose to take your family on holiday can depend on lots of factors including your preference of activities, like sightseeing, sporting/active pursuits, cultural opportunities, and so forth. Begin your search for a good holiday destination by considering the things you'd like to do while you're away from home. These may be activities you enjoy on a regular basis or things you rarely get to do except when you're on vacation. Are you:

• An adventurous family? If so, choose a destination where you can participate in fun and daring activities like trekking, climbing, diving, jet boating, and camping under the stars. (Provided the age of your children can support these activities.) You may be just the right family for an African safari or a trip to South America's Andes Mountains. Closer to home, your family may be ideal for a camping trip through the National Parks or a whitewater rafting trip down the Colorado River.

• An artsy, cultural family? If so, select a vacation destination that can provide your fill of cultural activities. Big cities are always ideal, because you can usually find plenty of museums, theaters, concert venues, and such. Try one of the great cities of North America, like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Toronto, or Vancouver. Or, if you prefer, choose a wonderful, historic European city, like London, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Moscow, Barcelona, or Budapest. All have something a little different to offer.

• A fun-loving family? If so, you'll want to travel to a destination where your family can play together from morning 'til night. Maybe you enjoy amusement and water parks, taking in a local major league sporting event, playing volleyball on the beach, tobogganing through the snow, or taking part in fun and unique local festivals. There are a number of wonderful places for fun-seeking families to visit including resorts like Walt Disney World or the other Disney properties, the wacky beaches of Southern California, or even a quaint ski village in the Alps. The beauty of being a fun-loving family is that you can probably turn just about any vacation into a rollicking good time for all!

Age-Appropriate Holidays

The ages of your kids will help determine where you head for your next holiday. Teenagers can do just about anything....but will they? Be sure you allow your fickle teenager to be a part of the planning so that when you arrive at your destination, they'll be looking forward to participating in the activities they've read about during the planning process. Be ready to compromise. Your teen's first choice may not be yours, but perhaps you can find a destination that has a little something for both of you.

Traveling with elementary school-aged children can be a treat! Unlike their teen counterparts, they're excited about everything, eager to learn, and willing to try new things. Kids from about age 7 to 12 are the easiest with whom to travel as they'll make the most of their new adventures.

Trips with babies and toddlers can be challenging. There's so much to plan before you depart and it often seems as if you need to carry the entire house with you on your trip. Remember, unless you're going to a third-world country, you can buy diapers and other essentials when you reach your destination. Pack lightly and choose a simple destination, like a beach, where you can enjoy fun in the sun. All-inclusive resorts, found in places like the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico, often have special programs for toddlers and also offer certified in-room babysitting services so that parents can enjoy a dinner or evening alone.

Remember not to push your kids too far. Little ones have a limit. So do teenagers. When you're tempted to do just one more museum or spend just a half-hour more in the sun, consult your kid. If they've already said they're tired or hot or cold, call it a day. Your trip will run much more smoothly when your children are happy.


While domestic travel rarely presents a problem when it comes to food - even for the pickiest of eaters - international destinations where the food is "foreign" can be a real challenge for parents traveling with children.

Even the well-traveled child has likes and dislikes and you can't expect your child to go without a meal. That's why it's always best to bring along a few staples just in case. Peanut butter is always a good bet, as is cereal, especially the small boxes that fit easily in your suitcase. Crackers work well, too. Any of those foods can be eaten at any meal and their familiarity will provide comfort to a child who's overwhelmed by the foreign-ness of the food on the table in front of them.

Also be sure that the food and water your child is consuming is safe. Kids are more prone than adults to intestinal disorders caused by impure water and other food-related concerns. There's nothing worse than a sick kid in a foreign country!

Plan Well

Truly, good planning can be the difference between a good holiday and a disastrous one. When you're traveling with adults, it's okay to leave things to chance, like a hotel reservation or a train ticket. With a family, however, the more complete your plans, the better.

That doesn't mean, of course, that you need to schedule every minute of every day. Kids are spontaneous and just when you think an activity or attraction might consume 15 minutes of your time, your children may love it and you may wind up spending an hour or two at that particular task. Go with the flow and let your children take the lead. Thanks to them, you may discover things you'd have never found on your own!

David Beart is the owner of the Professor's House. Our site covers such topics as Family Holidays, relationships, home care and other household issues.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Networking Industry Poised for Explosion?

Increasing Trends?

If you are anyone like me or my wife, you might have (we did before) a strong disdain for network marketing or MLM businesses. To be honest, I don't really know where it came from, but I never thought that our "big break" in life was going to come from one of those "pyramid schemes."

But you know what? I was all wrong. If you take a second here, and go through what I have written I think you will understand our newfound perspective on the networking industry. Looking back a few years ago, we would never have thought that our main source of income would come from a networking business, but we are so glad that we were able to keep an open mind and profit from a wonderful opportunity.

I looked at the industry and I saw a few trends that are going to continue to increase as the years go by, and these trends have influenced me to get involved in networking. I wasn't hard sold. I wasn't convinced; but only by my own research did I develop a desire to get involved with networking and the TEAM.

I wasn't foreign to working hard. I wasn't stuck in low paying job. It was alright, but I was stuck as far as having a vehicle that would get me to where I wanted to be...and that was ultimately being home with my family.

I knew that I couldn't invest in Starbucks; I was too late for that. I knew that I couldn't invest in Wal-Mart, or any other of the great income opportunities that passed by me. But I did know that if I found a trend that was going to take off and boom just like these other companies did, then I would be much closer to attaining some of my personal goals.

Here is what I looked at:

  • Increase in Entrepreneurial Activity
  • Market Value within Networking
  • Advent of the Internet

Increase in Entrepreneurial Activity

One of the things that I have noticed in the last few years is that there is an increase in the number of people who want to run their own show, to be their own boss. Maybe this is due to a currently shaky economy, or maybe big corporations with lousy employee relations. One thing is certain however, that more people are taking their own future into their hands.

If you look around there is a huge increase in small businesses as well as the age range of people branching out on their own. This only told me one thing. If people want to be independent of their jobs and careers, and want to start their own businesses, then many of them will be looking at "franchised" or "systems" type businesses.

The networking industry purposes to have the right business system for the eager entrepreneur; however, the networking industry has to solve some more of their problems before the "average Joe" will be interested in joining up with them.

The good thing is that the networking industry is fixing many of the major flaws that big companies have had in the past. What you see is an increase in Market Value.

Market Value within Networking With an increase in entrepreneurial activity, networking companies know that if they are going to attract a large percentage of those people, that they had better work on their value and offerings to the public.

And that is what you see now. You see new and upcoming networking companies explode on the scene because they are offering something valuable. They don't have inflated prices, and they provide a good enough compensation plan to attract many more people.

Because of this surge of small business interests, the value that network marketing or MLM companies offer will have to improve, or else they will miss that upcoming trend.

You often times here of those companies where people get in, never make money, and finally quit. Only the people at the top make the money, right? That has been true for many years because networking products and services didn't match the industry market value. Instead there were inflated prices, with low or no intrinsic value.

What you see now are MLM companies that are decreasing prices, adding more value and marketability to their products, and increasing the profits that you can earn. Why are they doing this? It is simply an effort to capture the majority of those people who are interested in leaving their jobs and achieving their dreams and goals.

If these companies (I shouldn't suggest that all companies are moving in the right direction, but rather there are a few that are) offer an opportunity that is low in start-up cost, and one that is "safe", then they will have more people affiliated with their opportunity as well as more people becoming more successful faster.

Advent of the Internet

With MLM companies taking advantage of this last and final trend, the networking industry is poised and ready to take off and explode. It is ready to dominate the small business market, but only the companies with a true market value and a "safe" opportunity will succeed.

My excuse for not joining a networking company a few years ago was that I didn't want to harass my friends and family. I had been harassed by others, and didn't seem to particularly like it, so why would I do that to others.

However, the internet has come along and changed the way that people market. With the internet you are no longer geographically limited by state and region, but now you can reach millions of people just by utilizing the power of the internet.

What this means is that the process to building a MLM or networking company is changing as well. Gone are the days where you have to harass your family and friends in order to make money in MLM. Gone are the days when you feel like you are taking advantage of someone by "signing them up", because with the internet you can reach thousands of people who are interested in your product or service and only deal with those people who want to be dealt with.

Summing It All Up

Are these the only trends taking off in the next few years? No. But I used these analytics to help me decide that getting involved with networking and TEAM was the right thing to do. Why wouldn't you want to get involved in an industry that is going to explode in the upcoming years? I asked myself that question as I was trying to justify to myself why I shouldn't get involved.

But the truth is... if you ever want to make money in any given opportunity, you are going to have to get involved before the trends start to explode.

I knew that was true, as I had wished that I had invested in Microsoft, or Yahoo, or Starbucks, etc. This was my chance to ride a surging trend to the top, and we have jumped on and have never looked back. We haven't needed to.

The future is bright in the networking industry. As more and more people figure out that there is a "new" networking market out there, and that it is not all bad like it was many years ago, then we will see many more people becoming successful and winning in these business opportunities.

As more and more people become successful, then more and more people will be getting excited, and then the result would be exponential growth in the industry. Still wondering if these trends are for real? If you are, you can do two things...

1. watch them float by you and miss the tide of opportunity


2. you can jump on, get excited, and build this new industry and take it to heights never imagined before

If you have questions, please contact us at Also, if you would like to explore more about TEAM visit New Internet Systems

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Planning Your First Cruise

Planning your first holiday especially on a cruise liner is always a challenge. You could get together with your family and friends and discuss your travel and vacation plans so as to get a better idea of what needs to be done. The best way is to book with a travel agent who will not only advice you on which cruise liner and destination you should be going to but also plan your entire itinerary including air travel to the port of embarkation. But before you proceed, let’s first answer some questions that are bound to pop up while planning your cruise.

What kind of cruise is suitable for your age group?

Typically, there are different kinds of cruises suitable for different age groups. You will find a cruise designed for all individuals, from the toddler to the teen to the retired. All you need to decide in who is going and then select the cruise best suited for you. There are fun-filled holiday cruises for the family, singles, newly-weds and even for the slightly older and matured.

What kind of budget are you on?

Typically, the minimum cost of per person per day is about $100 on an average cruise liner. Many ships charge extra for certain items and of course air-fare is not included in this. You can decrease the cost somewhat by sharing the cabin with another person, booking way in advance, like almost six months prior, or taking a risk and booking late, less than two months prior to departure.

How many days can you spend on your cruise?

If you have less than a week, then the options would be closer to home and restricted to Mexico, Bahamas or simply a weekend cruise to a port in the ocean and back. A complete week gives you more time and options range from the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Alaska and even the South Pacific, depending on of course your current residential location. Anything longer than that would be suitable for any kind of cruise vacation across the globe.

When would you be most likely to travel?

Obviously, cruise tickets are cheaper in leaner times like spring or fall and most expensive during the summer holidays. Winter is also considered high season when travelling to warmer locations like the Caribbean. Some locations like Alaska, Scandinavia and the Baltic have a shorter cruising season and will be open only between May and September. While Antarctic cruises are on between November and February, Mediterranean cruises can be taken all year round.

Where would you like to go?

With the earth being covered with 75% ocean, cruise ships today can reach any of the continents and traverse all across the globe. From the Americas to Austral-Asia, Africa to Antarctica, Bahamas to Bermuda, Europe to Canada, there are plenty of cruise destinations to choose from. Even land locked locations such as central Europe, Russia, or the Yangtze River in China can be reached on a river cruise. Always a challenge to decide your destination, it is important to keep all other factors like type of cruise, budget, length of vacation among others in mind.

What are your interests?

Although cruises provide all kinds of on board activities, your destination should be based on your interest. While European tours offer a good dose of culture for the history buffs, tropical destinations like the Caribbean and the South Pacific are for the beach lovers. Whether it is glacier watching in Alaska, deep sea diving in Australia or experiencing the fjords in Norway, you have to decide what you like to do best before you choose your cruise destination. Many cruises also offer a list of off-shore activities before you book, so make sure that you are well researched on that as well.

What kind of accommodation would you prefer?

Cabin selection typically depends on what your budget is. Sea view cabins are obviously more expensive than the lower deck ones. Also, if you are travelling to scenic places like Alaska or Scandinavia it would be preferable to have a view. Deck plans are available in hard copy, so make your decision after doing your homework and planning your budget.

What are your dress styles and eating habits?

In a move away from only formal wear, most cruise ships today are more relaxed and have only one or two nights of dress-up nights. The rest of the time, it is usually casual or country club style dressing. Typically there are two seating arrangements for dinner, one starting at 6:30pm and the other starting at 9:00pm. While early seating allows you plenty of time for late shows, it may rush your off shore excursions. Late seating on the other hand gives you time to relax but may hamper your late evening activities. Also, table seating is usually for four to eight persons and very rarely for two. If you do want a dinner for the twosome, you will have to make a prior request.

How do you get to the cruise ship?

Flying there or driving down if its close by are two of the most preferred options. Sometimes the cruise lines offer you a fly-cruise package, which is easier, but may be a trifle expensive than independent booking. These include transfers between the ship and the airport, which can again add up to the cost.

What are the documents needed?

Cruise vouchers and travel itineraries should typically reach you 2-3 weeks prior to your departure. Travel insurance is not mandatory but strongly advised as a carry along document in case of any mishaps. Passports are needed for all international destinations.

William Brister

- A detailed guide answering all your questions regarding your plans on going for your cruise.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

How to Start a Home Based Travel Business

I had the same question pulsating through my head not too long ago. That question which just doesn't seem to go away until you know the answer, how to start a home based travel business?
For starters, I have been involved in different types of business opportunities. None involved travel and none of my previous business ventures attracted more people.

It's quite simple really. People want to travel. People desire a luxury holiday where they can relax and enjoy the sun, the sand, and the blue clear water. What stops them from enjoying their desires is the J.O.B. When you can only afford to take 3 weeks in year to have a holiday ... it really ticks people off. (well, it ticked me off!)

So, the logical thing is for the employee to start a home based business in the travel industry. If people love to travel and you are able to work from home - then you are firstly going to have the clients for your business and you are not going to have to commute to work every day.

There are many home based travel businesses out there. Ranging from Global Resorts Network, Coastal Vacations, Platinum 1 Destinations etc. This post is not intended to promote any of these companies - that is an aspect you will have to do your research on. But suffice to say - your first step in answering the question of how to start a home based travel business is to have a plan.

1. Decide that you want a home based travel business
2. Decide which home based travel business you would gladly represent.
-Which company you find is professional and offers a product which you can be proud to represent.
-Compensation for the home based travel business needs to be sound
- Your mentor or sponsor or team in your new home based travel business needs to offer training and support.
I will write more concerning these two points later. They could cover an entire series in them selves.

Travel is a 7 Trillion Dollar Industry. A Home based business opportunity offers you the ability to earn money from home. Now combine the travel product with your desirable industry - you have a market for making money.

Nic Faivre is a full time internet based network marketer who is a managing partner with the 5 Star Success Team. At only 29 years of age, Nic is an entrepreneur who is destined to excel in his field of travel and personal development. Nic believes in the power of giving without want and his dedication to his team shows. Nicolas Faivre can be reached at
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Which Retirement Plans Will Fit Your Goals?

It used to be many years ago that retirement plans meant getting the pension your company gave you along with your social security payments from the government and any savings you have on your own, and living comfortably in a downsized apartment throughout your golden years. For some this type of financial plan is sufficient for their needs; they may have a well-funded pension from a corporation that will provide well for them. But for most, you will need to make your own retirement plans when it comes to your financial health in order keep yourself afloat financially, and to make those dreams you've had for retirement a reality. It's of course easy to get overwhelmed with the many options that are available to you when it comes to financial retirement plans, and you should speak to a financial advisor or counselor when making these decisions if you still have questions, but we can give you some general information that will explain some of the details a bit more clearly.
Defined Benefit Retirement Plans
Defined benefit retirement plans as provided by employers guarantee a certain payout upon your retirement, which depends on the retiree's previous salary and the number of years he or she has been contributing to this plan. These may be referred to as funded meaning that there are contributions from one's employer and sometimes from the plan members. In unfunded retirement plans, there are no funds set aside but the benefits are paid out of current taxes and social security contributions.

No one can tell you what the best choice is for you; even your financial advisor can only give you all the relevant information on how the different retirement plans affect your money and its potential growth. It's up to you to decide which option you're more comfortable with. Some people want to make their own decisions about where their money is invested and some would rather leave the decisions to others; some would prefer to pay the taxes on their contributions now while others would prefer to wait until the funds are disbursed. You need to educate yourself thoroughly and then make the decision that works best for you.
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However, for anyone who is looking to do more with their retirement than just sit on the porch swing you really do need to look at this Home Based Business opportunity. If your like us and enjoy visiting new and exciting places, sharing moments with friends and family then this IS for you. Start NOW to prepare for the BEST years of your life.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Make Your Age Work for Your Stay-at-Home Business

At some point, every new entrepreneur finds herself pausing for one split second to ask: Am I capable of doing this?
Eliminate the negative thoughts and tackle this self-limiting behavior head-on when you turn your obstacles and worries into your strengths. Don't avoid your nagging worries; answer them and solve your possible problems before they start to really bother you.
How old are you? Have you worried that your age might be a factor in your business success? Some stay-at-home moms are young, while others have already had a full career elsewhere. You can start your home-based business at any age, which is one of its biggest attractions. Now that you've started your business, however, you might worry that you are too young or too old for the venture.
Stop your self-limiting thoughts! All you need for success with your new stay-at-home business is determination, industry intelligence, energy and a touch of drive. Age doesn't play a factor, but life experience certainly will. Think about your strengths. What have you learned over the years that you can apply to your new business? From social skills to financial organization, time management and more, you can find an array of strengths you have gained over the years. There is nothing you can't do. While you might have worried that you were too young or too old to successfully handle your at-home business, you have no reason to fret. Use your age to your advantage and reduce the self-limiting behavior at the start!
For more info on this, and to get my free ecourse, "9 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success" click here: 9 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success ($47 Value, Yours Free)
April Coggins is an entrepreneur coach for stay at home moms. She teaches moms how to turn their passion into profits in record time.
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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mom Entrepreneur

Unlimited Earning Potential
Flexible Hours
A Truly Fulfilling Careers
If you can run a household and a family we believe you can run a Home Based Business.
Did you ever imagine there was a job out there that pays well, gives you the flexibility that you need, and rewards you with the recognition you deserve?
That's what Platinum One Destinations is all about. Making sure that you have all the tools, training and support that you need to succeed.
Check it out. You will not be disappointed. If your looking for a career builder we've got one for you!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How to Fire your Boss

I recently had the opportunity to partner with a company that has turned the travel world upside down. I have tried many network marketing home business’ before only to left unfulfilled. I have found a place where all my training is free but the support team is unmatched anywhere.

I have the ability to travel at wholesale. I found a flight from Kansas City, MO to Los Angeles during spring break for $184.50 pp, Cheap Tickets $258.81 pp. This was the cheapest price I could find that had the same criteria. My cost will be even more discounted as I will receive 80% of the commission paid. I have the help of a personal concierge. This makes it easy. I’m always looking for anyone who is looking to add multiple streams of income to their current situation.

Please do not call if the thought of learning how to earn a 6 figure income scares you. I am looking for leaders who are ready to take life by the horns.

Here is my website:

Shirley Cook


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Living the Life of my Dreams

Doesn't this look like fun?
My grandchildren sure are having a good time !
Have you ever dreamed of getting paid to be on vacation?
Imagine !
White Sand
Does this sound like something you would enjoy doing?
I do this every day and LOVE doing it.
No more 9 - 5 for me.
No special skills required to learn how to create a 6 figure income from the comfort of you living room. Or if your like me from the poolside.
A joy and love of sharing and life is a plus!!!!!!
I would love to help you learn while you earn your way to 6 figures.
Call me
Shirley & John Cook