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Networking Industry Poised for Explosion?

Increasing Trends?

If you are anyone like me or my wife, you might have (we did before) a strong disdain for network marketing or MLM businesses. To be honest, I don't really know where it came from, but I never thought that our "big break" in life was going to come from one of those "pyramid schemes."

But you know what? I was all wrong. If you take a second here, and go through what I have written I think you will understand our newfound perspective on the networking industry. Looking back a few years ago, we would never have thought that our main source of income would come from a networking business, but we are so glad that we were able to keep an open mind and profit from a wonderful opportunity.

I looked at the industry and I saw a few trends that are going to continue to increase as the years go by, and these trends have influenced me to get involved in networking. I wasn't hard sold. I wasn't convinced; but only by my own research did I develop a desire to get involved with networking and the TEAM.

I wasn't foreign to working hard. I wasn't stuck in low paying job. It was alright, but I was stuck as far as having a vehicle that would get me to where I wanted to be...and that was ultimately being home with my family.

I knew that I couldn't invest in Starbucks; I was too late for that. I knew that I couldn't invest in Wal-Mart, or any other of the great income opportunities that passed by me. But I did know that if I found a trend that was going to take off and boom just like these other companies did, then I would be much closer to attaining some of my personal goals.

Here is what I looked at:

  • Increase in Entrepreneurial Activity
  • Market Value within Networking
  • Advent of the Internet

Increase in Entrepreneurial Activity

One of the things that I have noticed in the last few years is that there is an increase in the number of people who want to run their own show, to be their own boss. Maybe this is due to a currently shaky economy, or maybe big corporations with lousy employee relations. One thing is certain however, that more people are taking their own future into their hands.

If you look around there is a huge increase in small businesses as well as the age range of people branching out on their own. This only told me one thing. If people want to be independent of their jobs and careers, and want to start their own businesses, then many of them will be looking at "franchised" or "systems" type businesses.

The networking industry purposes to have the right business system for the eager entrepreneur; however, the networking industry has to solve some more of their problems before the "average Joe" will be interested in joining up with them.

The good thing is that the networking industry is fixing many of the major flaws that big companies have had in the past. What you see is an increase in Market Value.

Market Value within Networking With an increase in entrepreneurial activity, networking companies know that if they are going to attract a large percentage of those people, that they had better work on their value and offerings to the public.

And that is what you see now. You see new and upcoming networking companies explode on the scene because they are offering something valuable. They don't have inflated prices, and they provide a good enough compensation plan to attract many more people.

Because of this surge of small business interests, the value that network marketing or MLM companies offer will have to improve, or else they will miss that upcoming trend.

You often times here of those companies where people get in, never make money, and finally quit. Only the people at the top make the money, right? That has been true for many years because networking products and services didn't match the industry market value. Instead there were inflated prices, with low or no intrinsic value.

What you see now are MLM companies that are decreasing prices, adding more value and marketability to their products, and increasing the profits that you can earn. Why are they doing this? It is simply an effort to capture the majority of those people who are interested in leaving their jobs and achieving their dreams and goals.

If these companies (I shouldn't suggest that all companies are moving in the right direction, but rather there are a few that are) offer an opportunity that is low in start-up cost, and one that is "safe", then they will have more people affiliated with their opportunity as well as more people becoming more successful faster.

Advent of the Internet

With MLM companies taking advantage of this last and final trend, the networking industry is poised and ready to take off and explode. It is ready to dominate the small business market, but only the companies with a true market value and a "safe" opportunity will succeed.

My excuse for not joining a networking company a few years ago was that I didn't want to harass my friends and family. I had been harassed by others, and didn't seem to particularly like it, so why would I do that to others.

However, the internet has come along and changed the way that people market. With the internet you are no longer geographically limited by state and region, but now you can reach millions of people just by utilizing the power of the internet.

What this means is that the process to building a MLM or networking company is changing as well. Gone are the days where you have to harass your family and friends in order to make money in MLM. Gone are the days when you feel like you are taking advantage of someone by "signing them up", because with the internet you can reach thousands of people who are interested in your product or service and only deal with those people who want to be dealt with.

Summing It All Up

Are these the only trends taking off in the next few years? No. But I used these analytics to help me decide that getting involved with networking and TEAM was the right thing to do. Why wouldn't you want to get involved in an industry that is going to explode in the upcoming years? I asked myself that question as I was trying to justify to myself why I shouldn't get involved.

But the truth is... if you ever want to make money in any given opportunity, you are going to have to get involved before the trends start to explode.

I knew that was true, as I had wished that I had invested in Microsoft, or Yahoo, or Starbucks, etc. This was my chance to ride a surging trend to the top, and we have jumped on and have never looked back. We haven't needed to.

The future is bright in the networking industry. As more and more people figure out that there is a "new" networking market out there, and that it is not all bad like it was many years ago, then we will see many more people becoming successful and winning in these business opportunities.

As more and more people become successful, then more and more people will be getting excited, and then the result would be exponential growth in the industry. Still wondering if these trends are for real? If you are, you can do two things...

1. watch them float by you and miss the tide of opportunity


2. you can jump on, get excited, and build this new industry and take it to heights never imagined before

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