Monday, May 12, 2008

Mazatlan Mexico visit

Visiting Mazatlan

We entered the port on Thursday morning. I was totally in love with the landscape. We were looking at the side of the mountain and noticed what we thought were cars. After further research we found that the moving objects were people climbing to the top of the mountain. There is a lighthouse at the top. Later in the day our tour guide explained that these people walk to the top of the mountain everyday to work at the lighthouse. This lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in North America. Their commute is about 2 miles one way. Our guide said it took them about 4 hours to walk it each day. You would stay in great health with a hike like that everyday.

We continued into the bay, fishing boats were going out to sea as we were coming in. The dock was a commercial one. It was not what I was expecting. I saw military men all around all the warehouses. It was an uneasy feeling. I just didn't expect to see men with guns on the pier. Nowhere in the information did we read that this was a possibility. It was a shock to my vacation senses. Once we left the ship we were put onto trams and transported into a market area that was still behind walls with a guarded gate leaving the port area. I don't know if you were allowed to leave that area on foot. It is not something that I expected at all.

We were on a tour bus with 4 other ladies who were part of the Richard Simmons Group. They were so much fun. We stopped at the Cathedral. It was beautiful. This Cathedral was built in 1820's. It was awe inspiring. Then we went shopping for a short time. We only had about 30 minutes as the ladies in our group had to be at Senor Frogs to meet Richard. We were able to watch a cliff diver. I was disappointed by that. You see the ones in the commercials and this isn't like that at all. Then we dropped off the ladies and we were taken to a local cafe for lunch. It was amazing. The local atmosphere is the best. We were right on the beach watching as children played in the water. You could see the true beauty of the area and the people.

We arrived back at the pier and did some shopping there. We were sitting in the outdoor area enjoying the day. We finally made our way back to the ship. Exhausted but fulfilled. We had forgotten about the shock we had first encountered upon arrival. It is a city that has a lot of culture and well worth the visit again.

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LeeAnne Cook said...

WOW that sounds like so much fun wish we were there with you!!