Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our Last Stop - Cabo San Lucas

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Cabo San Lucas

Wow! What a beautiful place. From the moment we arrived, the bay, the mountains, the beach, the people left you feeling inspired.
At this stop there is no pier. We drop anchor in the bay and a tender takes you ashore. This is the first time we had done anything like this. It was great. My mother stayed on board as she didn't want to take a tender ashore. She has always been afraid of water so just getting her on this cruise was quite an accomplishment. She is now hooked for life on cruising.
When we arrived at the pier we just started walking. Our eyes were so busy taking in all the wonderful boats that were docked here that we didn't even realize how far we had walked. We saw boats from all over the US. There were boats there from Miami. Some of them were just breathtakingly beautiful.
We ended up downtown looking for some of the shops that are listed on our map. We went into a jewelry shop that had a large display of Mexican Fire Opals. These opals have so much color and light. I would love to own a set of these pieces. We left there and walked further down the street into many different shops. These vendors sold hand crafted items. The clothing was all hand embroidered. Very beautiful designs and artistry.

We found a small information booth on the corner of two busy streets and stopped to ask about the location of another shop we were looking for, the lady explained where it was and started telling us about Mercado Beach. It is the main beach. She was explaining about her time share opportunity. We declined. She was then telling us about a way to get around in the city. It is by bike taxi. A cart is placed behind a bicycle and someone pedals the bike. It was a great way to get to the beach. Along the way we saw an ATV rental place. They offered a variety of options to rent. Scooters, ATVs , Mules and Jeeps. This is something we want to do on our next visit to get out of the main area and see some of old Cabo. We walked out to the beach and started south. Along the way we found a number of different types of beach activities. Wave runners, kayaks, banana boats, small catamarans, para sailing and of course more water taxis. We walked on the beach for 30 - 45 minutes enjoying the beauty of the area.
When we returned to the main part of the beach area we found an outdoor cantina. We settled down under an umbrella with some other cruise guests. Such a beautiful place to rest. We talked and laughed. The cantina brought beer in a bucket with ice. It was so good and cold. We finally had to say goodbye to Cabo. It was time to board a water taxi and return to the pier to board our tender back to the ship.
If you have never visited this place of great sites and people, you really need to put it on the top of your list to do.


Law of Attraction Man, Gregory Reading said...

Wow Shirley, I sort of felt like I was with you....You described your trip wonderfully....will you be our guide when I take my clan down there?

You and John are an inspiration to all of us!! Thanks for keeping up posted...


Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Shirley! Looks like you and your family know how to have fun. God Bless.